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The Bended Tree - Petter Rylén

bended tree (desaturate).jpg

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The Bended Tree (George Goom Remix)

To do list.jpg

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What started as a simple request from Petter for me to make the artwork for his album 'The Bended Tree' unexpectedly blossomed into a double album world. 

I was completely enraptured the first time I heard Petter's album, and it compelled me to remix one of the songs whilst working on the visual identity. The next thing I knew, I'd remixed the whole thing and I have now released it as my debut album. I transformed the artworks of the four singles into GIFS (see below), and you can find extra artworks I made for this project further down. 

My aim with this remix album was to recycle Petter’s peaceful compositions into my own blissful soundscapes, which functioned as safe spaces for me to escape to while the world was engulfed in the darkness of the pandemic. I hope it transports you to a paradise under the branches of their favourite tree :—)

'Silence' Listen

Silence GIF .gif

'Space Wales' 


'Looking For Clouds' 


LFC GIF 3 (compressed).gif
Coolio girl gif (.2).gif

'Coolio Girl' 


BUSssssy EDit.jpg
Wind in face final ??.jpg
Sleep cycle.jpg
sun bird.jpg
Bird + Man + arrrrrow.jpg
Coolio girl with less zoomed out backgro
Abstrak (Desaturated).jpg
Landscape with no sunbird.jpg
Gooooodbye with slightly adjusted levels
New sleeper + orb on hill.jpg
SINGING BIRD with slightly adjusted leve
thank you.jpg
Sleeper on the edge with adjusted levels
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